The FMs and Miss Cherry Delight
Release Highly Anticipated New Single
'Annihilation Denial'

Annihilation Denial cover

The FMs in collaboration with Miss Cherry Delight are releasing their highly anticipate new single “Annihilation Denial” worldwide on November 19th, 2020. The collaborative anthemic effort is a politically charged single about climate change denial.

“It feels like a perfect time to be releasing an angry AF song about humanity’s infatuation with convenient truths. It’s lazy and dangerous to never think about tomorrow, to only believe things that sound sweet to your ears, and validate your existing worldview. The fact is, we are ruining the planet for our children and every generation after them. Deep down I believe everyone knows this, they are just too craven to accept it.”

– Matte Namer, The FMs
“I love sharing concert lineups with The FMs, and I was honored they asked me to collaborate with them by co-writing and singing on this track. I’m proud of our work together. It’s by far the loudest and craziest FMs song to date, filled with absolute rage and disgust at the ignorance and selfishness of mankind destroying the very earth we live on as we speak. Consider this song your wakeup call.”

– Miss Cherry Delight

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Artists: The FMs and Miss Cherry Delight

Lyricists: Matte Namer, Miss Cherry Delight