Miss Cherry Delight is every nightmare you ever wanted. The most irresistible and delicious assassin on the menu. A combination of the sweet and savoury, tantalising and threatening, “le petite morte” and actual death. Burlesque Royalty as Miss Coney Island 2013, her career in striptease and performance art spans over a decade with a full visual and cerebral transformation from fluffy oopsie-cupcake showgirl to a raw womanly wild unholy creature of darkness that makes even Satan nervous. Cherry exudes a desire for merciless revenge and a command to be loved from head to the biblical sense.

Miss Cherry’s debut album takes you into a goth industrial rock n’ roll playground of wailing guitars, electronic orgasms, bloodlust, death, sex, tongue-in-cheek humor, more blood, queerness, kink, cannibalism, cherries, more sex, more violence, serial killers, orgies, mermaids, voodoo, Halloween 365 days of the year, permission for the forbidden, and a platform for the truth. ...Also fucking.

Follow cherry into the pit. You’ll be back for seconds.


Miss Cherry Delight's debut album EAT THE EVIDENCE drops May 11th 2019! From August 24th 2018 to March 28th 2019, Cherry has completed her first professional studio album produced by Justin Mathews of Motor Motor Production Studios. (

Eat The Evidence is 14 tracks that drag you into the sexy, dark, inviting and primal world of Cherry, with an abrupt turning point midway through that shifts gears into a more vulnerable and complex state of mind. With several stories taking you into a cinematic journey of goth-industrial grunge rock, each song gets you closer and closer inside Miss Cherry Delight.

The tracks of Eat The Evidence are:
Scorpio Witch
Cherry Blood
Ultimate Sinner
Straight Razor
Here Kitty Kitty
Broken Doll
Sea Of Teeth
Stitch & Johnny

Eat The Evidence will be available on all music download platforms May 11th 2019!
The evening of May 11th 2019 at 8pm is the official release party for Eat The Evidence! Presented by Music Of Curiosities and Brooklyn Arts Council!

Celebrate the debut of Eat The Evidence by being the first audience to witness Miss Cherry Delight perform with her 7 piece band live on stage at the Coney Island Freakshow! A fully theatrical rock experience including projections designed by Miss Dylan Mars Greenberg, Miss Cherry will be performing the entire album in track order for the first time!

Opening acts by Melissa Elledge and the spooky songstress, Jess-O-Lantern! Catered by Moods Foods Pop Up Portrait Studio by Kristopher Johnson

Tickets $25 online.


Music Of Curiosities Coney Island Proudly Presents: MISS CHERRY DELIGHT'S Release Of Her Debut Album EAT THE EVIDENCE - At 9pm the show begins with an opening music set by the gorgeous gothic goddess from beyond the grave, JESS-O-LANTERN. A short intermission will follow before the headliner, the Bloodlust Rockin ...

On October 31st Miss Cherry Delight's second single and first music video “CHERRY BLOOD” has been released. 🍒🔪⚰️ It is a much darker heavier rock sound than “The 31st”, and is the very first song written by Miss Cherry Delight.

The Cherry Blood music video stars Jim Dalton, Aaron Ricks, Justin Mathews, Jocelyn S. McBride and, Miss Cherry Delight and is directed by Box Visuals Media.
The video is the perfect blend of sexy and horror that you have come to expect from Miss Cherry Delight. The video will be available on YouTube as well as the uncensored version on Vimeo.
“Cherry Blood”, is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all other major music platforms as well. ENJOY!!!!